Red Santiago

The aptly named Red has had a very colorful career. Though he finished a computer-related course in college, he has never had an occupation focusing on computer technology. His love of cars, however, landed him his first job as a “marketing professional” (glorified term for salesperson) at Toyota Shaw in 2005. Unfortunately, his passion for and knowledge about cars didn’t translate to actual sales.

And so he went back to his first love (media), and started work at ABS-CBN, where he was a catalog news writer from 2005 to 2008. Concurrently, he did on-air operations and production work for cable music channel MYX. He then tried being a call center agent, but got sick of sitting and talking to people who couldn’t figure out their mobile phones.

He decided to get more serious about writing when he worked in the online marketing department of a company selling car parts in the US in 2009. He also dabbled in legal affairs when he became a content writer for a Los Angeles-based law firm in 2012.

At present, Red is juggling commitments as a freelance writer and photographer, a manager for a printing solutions start-up, a transport solutions provider, and as a driver for transport network companies. If you end up riding his car, you can rest assured you’re in very capable hands—just don’t bore him with your romantic sob stories.

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