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Here is the complete price list of MV Agusta motorbikes in PH market

The Italian motorcycle brand is looking to make a big splash

With motorcycle sales really soaring, it looks like MV Agusta is now here to stay. PHOTO BY MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

On April 30, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta officially launched its brand in the Philippines. Or, strictly speaking, relaunched it, as the company apparently had been in our market previously, but that it is reentering our territory in a big way this time around. Present at the event was Judah Sangaran, MV Agusta’s Far East sales head.

Judah Sangaran is the guy in charge of MV Agusta’s sales in our red-hot market. PHOTO BY MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

“It brings me great joy to be here for the MV Agusta brand launch in the Philippines,” Sangaran said. “After quite a number of years, we have finally arrived with a beautiful showroom in Caloocan. An exclusive MV Agusta store will be opened by July this year.”

Expect to see some of these motorbikes on our chaotic roads in the coming days. PHOTOS BY MANSKEE NASCIMENTO

During the event, the prevailing theme was “Motorcycle Art.” We think we now know why. MV Agusta motorcycles are expensive—as any Italian set of wheels is expected to be—and the not-so-subliminal message there is that the firm’s products are not just motorcycles. They’re also art. As such, they command admission fees that only lucky bastards wealthy people will be able to afford.

And that’s part of the MV Agusta allure. It’s highly desirable, but it’s not for everyone. Below are the brand’s motorbikes and their Philippine-market prices. See if you can find one within your budget.

MV Agusta F3

  • F3 675 – P1,100,000
  • F3 675 RC – P1,350,000
  • F3 800 – P1,200,000
  • F3 800 RC – P1,500,000

MV Agusta F4

  • F4 – P1,300,000
  • F4 RR – P1,700,000
  • F4 RC  P2,600,000
  • F4 Lewis Hamilton – P4,000,000
  • F4 Claudio – P4,600,000

MV Agusta Brutale

  • B3 800 – P980,000
  • B3 800 RR – P1,100,000
  • B3 800 RR Pirelli – P1,300,000
  • B3 800 RR RC – P1,400,000
  • B3 800 RR Lewis Hamilton – P1,600,000
  • B3 800 RR America – P1,200,000

MV Agusta Dragster

  • 800 RR – P1,300,000
  • 800 RC – P1,500,000
  • 800 RR Pirelli – P1,350,000
  • 800 RR America – P1,300,000

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce

  • 800 – P1,100,000
  • 800 Lusso – P1,250,000
  • 800 Lusso SCS – P1,350,000
  • 800 Lusso RC SCS – P1,600,000

Vernon B. Sarne

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