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Royal Enfield to celebrate ‘One Ride 2021’ on September 26

It’s one way of showing support for local businesses during the pandemic

Club rides are the glue that holds a community together, and Royal Enfield owners are some of the most active with dozens of them regularly going out for weekend rides. This coming Sunday (September 26), RE riders will get to celebrate “One Ride 2021,” with the aim of promoting responsible riding in our COVID-restricted times.

Royal Enfield has hosted food-distribution, relief-fund and awareness drives in the Asia-Pacific region. In Thailand, the company delivered food to the underprivileged local communities in Wat Sangwet and Pak Kret, and homes for children with disabilities in Bangkok and Nonthaburi province. In Malaysia, there were free kitchen services for the homeless. In Australia, Royal Enfield worked with Food Bank Australia and distributed over 8,000 food packages. In 2019, the brand held over 30 rides with the participation of more than 2,000 riders in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Are you itching to go on a Sunday ride? PHOTO FROM ROYAL ENFIELD

With One Ride 2021, Royal Enfield hopes to see motorcycling enthusiasts from everywhere come together for a ride that is inclusive and unique. With the aim of “responsible travel,” all riders will follow strict COVID protocols at all locations, and they will be encouraged to support local businesses that they come across during the ride. Participants will also be required to carry their own waste or dispose of them properly, and to avoid single-use plastics.

The event is being organized across more than 400 cities in India, and 35 countries all over the world. These include Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Chile, United Kingdom, Ecuador, France, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Spain, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, France, Italy and Germany.

If you see a large group of Royal Enfield riders this Sunday, don’t be shy about asking them how awesome it is to be part of the motorcycle community. Better yet, join the activity. If you own a Royal Enfield, you can e-mail the distributor to help you hook up with the clubs.

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