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Suzuki PH releases 3 affordable motorcycle models for your daily ride

With prices that will please your budget right now

If you're in the market for a motorcycle, Suzuki would like to introduce these new models to you. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

It’s not just new cars that are currently flooding our market at the moment (and confusing people with more choices than they know how to easily pick from). Even vehicles of the two-wheel kind are now giving buyers a hard time with so many options. Case in point is the new trio of models launched by Suzuki Philippines this weekend.

The Japanese company seems quite skilled in determining the motoring needs of its customers—as shown by its successful product lineup for its automobile division. And now, the automaker’s motorbike group is unveiling three models (two scooters and one backbone available in two variants) that prove the brand’s great feel for what consumers want (and afford).

Suzuki Skydrive Crossover. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Skydrive Crossover. With the inadequacy of mass transportation during a pandemic, countless folks find it difficult to travel from their home to their workplace. What to do? Risk standing in line with other commuters while waiting for their ride? Take out a loan for a small, cheap car while sacrificing other household expenses? Or purchase this 113cc scooter and enjoy better mobility? For many, the answer seems pretty clear. And they have four colors to choose from: Pearl Ash Blue, Solid Black, Strong Red and Daytona Yellow. Price: P69,900 (available in November)

Suzuki Burgman Street. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Burgman Street. Suzuki is marketing this as “the maxi scooter you can afford,” which tells us it should be popular among both personal users and gig workers. Painted in Glass Sparkle Black and Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray, the bike is powered by a 125cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that is being purported as being able to generate 53.5km/L. Some of its main features include an engine start-and-kill switch, a 2L front glove box, a 21L underseat compartment, an LED headlight, a body-mounted windscreen, an upward muffler design and dual utility hooks. Price: P76,900 (available in November)

Suzuki Gixxer 250 and Gixxer SF250. PHOTOS FROM SUZUKI

Gixxer 250 Series. There are those for whom a motorcycle is not just a practical means to travel; for these guys, riding is also a fun activity. Thus, a paltry engine just wouldn’t do. Welcome Suzuki’s new backbone model that can be had either in Street guise or as a Sport version. This model boasts a newly developed 250cc SOHC, oil-cooled, four-valve and fuel-injected engine that is enhanced by the so-called Suzuki Eco Performance technology. The riding experience is made better by a high-rigidity frame, a seven-step adjustable rear suspension, a large-diameter front disc brake, and a dual-channel antilock brake system. There are only two paint jobs, one for each variant: Metallic Matte Black for the Gixxer 250 and Triton Blue and Silver for the Gixxer SF250. Prices: P165,000 for Gixxer 250 and P175,000 for Gixxer SF250 (available in December)

Vernon B. Sarne

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