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The BMW CE 04 leads the company’s electric vision

This is the production version of the Concept Link

The BMW CE 04 looks like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie. PHOTO FROM BMW

With a top speed of 120km/h, a range of 130km, and a peppy 0-50km/h time of just 2.6 seconds, the BMW CE 04 electric scooter heralds the start of the German firm’s foray into electrified urban mobility. Originally showcased in 2017 as the Concept Link, the CE 04 looks cool and offers the kind of two-wheel practicality only a scooter can provide.

Your phone can be mirrored by the ginormous TFT display. PHOTO FROM BMW

A permanent-magnet electric motor is mounted in the frame between the battery and the rear wheel. With a maximum output of 42hp, the CE 04 has quite a bit of pep for the urban commute, backed up by a battery-cell capacity of 60.6Ah or 8.9kWh. There’s also a reduced-output version for those who actually want a slow scooter.

The lithium-ion battery is charged using the integrated charging device that’s compatible with a regular household socket, a wall box or a public charging station. If the battery is completely flat, charging time will take around four hours and 20 minutes, but a quick-charger option brings that down to just one hour and 40 minutes. At 20% battery level, the quick charger only takes 45 minutes to bring it up to 80%.

We hope the saddle is more comfortable than a park bench. PHOTOS FROM BMW

Just like BMW Motorrad’s top-flight motorcycles, the CE 04 comes with impressive rider aids. Active Stability Control limits engine torque in relation to wheel slip, while optional Dynamic Traction Control gives even greater rider safety. Three riding modes are provided: Eco, Rain and Road, with Dynamic available as an optional extra.

Lean angle-dependent ABS and traction control are optional extras. PHOTO FROM BMW

The CE 04’s main frame is of tubular steel construction and uses a 35mm front fork and a single-sided swingarm with a fully covered spring strut. It rides on 120/70 R15 front and 160/60 R15 rear tires. Twin-disc brakes in front and a single rear disc with dual-channel ABS are standard. Buyers can choose to upgrade to ABS Pro, which controls braking on bends.

You can stash your helmet in a side compartment. PHOTO FROM BMW

The dashboard is dominated by a 10.25-inch TFT color screen with integrated navigation and device connectivity. With such a large display, it’s now possible to view riding info and a map in a single instrument. An all-LED lighting system is standard, with cornering-light technology available as an option. The solid wheel design completes the Total Recall theme.

On this electric BMW, you'll be the envy of the scooter masses. PHOTO FROM BMW

We have no word yet on official pricing, or if the CE 04 will even be made available here when production starts. However, we’ll wager it would certainly sexify the maxi-scooter segment.

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