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The BMW M1000 RR Competition will take you beyond 300km/h

All you need are balls big enough for that speed

The M1000 RR Competition is bristling with superfast goodies PHOTO BY ANDY LEUTERIO

BMW Motorrad’s S1000 RR is no slouch. With 207hp and 100Nm, and weighing only 197kg, a skilled rider can set blistering lap times with this superbike from Berlin. But for those who simply want the very best, they’ll want to write a P2,995,000 check for the first-ever M-enhanced bike from BMW: the M1000 RR Competition.

While it can be argued that the German company has been cranking out some supercar-eating high-performance bikes for some time now, the legendary M division takes it a notch higher with a series of upgrades that allow the M1000 RR Competition to take you ever closer to that SBK experience.

Carbon-fiber winglets keep you grounded even at 300km/h. PHOTOS BY ANDY LEUTERIO

The 999cc water-cooled in-line-four engine gets lighter titanium connecting rods, 1.5mm-narrower rocker arms, a shorter airbox funnel, two-ring forged pistons with cross-ribbing, and a cylinder head with new channel geometry and reinforced bearing brackets. Peak output is now 212hp, there’s more midrange torque, and the redline is an ear-splitting 15,100rpm. The rear sprocket gains one tooth for a shorter ratio, while the wheelbase has been lengthened to 1,457mm from the S1000 RR’s 1,441mm.

The 999cc engine spins faster and is Euro 5-compliant even with the Akrapovič exhaust. PHOTOS BY ANDY LEUTERIO

Visually, the biggest clues that this is the M bike are the carbon-fiber winglets. These generate downforce of up to 16.3kg at 304km/h, giving you more confidence to push the limits while reducing the need for the dynamic traction control to intervene. The rear axle has also been designed for quick rear-wheel changes, making track days a little bit less tiresome.

A closer look at the bodywork. Yum! PHOTO BY ANDY LEUTERIO

Aside from the usual dynamic traction control, wheelie control, slide control, and other safety aids, the M1000 RR’s ABS Pro system includes seven riding modes: Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race, and Race Pro 1 to 3 so you can fine-tune your settings. The bike also gets an M lightweight battery and an M chassis kit with rear height adjustment and a swingarm pivot.

Carbon-fiber bits make everything better, yes? PHOTOS BY ANDY LEUTERIO

The M Competition Package includes M-brand brake levers, a clutch lever, a brake-lever guard, a rider footrest, an engine protector, a carbon trim piece, a lighter anodized aluminum swingarm, an M GPS Laptrigger, and an M endurance chain. Carbon-fiber wheels and bespoke brake calipers complete the slew of exclusive aesthetic upgrades. All of this M goodness helps shed some weight to bring it down to just 192kg.

The M1000 RR Competition uses a front 43mm upside-down fork with adjustable compression, rebound and preload, and 4.7 inches of travel. The rear is also adjustable for compression, rebound and preload, and has a total travel of 4.6 inches.

These M brake calipers are for all-day track use. PHOTO BY ANDY LEUTERIO

The M1000 RR Competition is only available through preorder at SMC Asia Car Distributors Corporation. But if you want to view a unit, you may reach out to BMW Motorrad Philippines on Facebook or Instagram to schedule an appointment at any of its official outlets.

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