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The Toyota C+walk T is a promising mobility tool for PWDs

Primarily designed to help disabled users move around freely

This simple scooter takes up a small amount of space. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

In its push to provide mobility for all, Toyota is creatively finding ways to help people get the right tool to move about. Now, the Japanese company has a device for those having a hard time walking. It’s called the C+walk T (styled as C+walk T).

At 700mm long and 450mm wide, this three-wheel scooter takes up approximately the same space as a single person would. Tipping the scales at 29kg, this light mobility tool isn’t really that, uh, light. In the middle of the handlebar is a status display that shows machine information and houses the controls for speed, horn and lights. The C+walk T only comes in one color scheme—black-and-white.

The controls account for both left- and right-handed users. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

Toyota claims that operation of the C+walk T is intuitive. The steering bar has accelerator and brake levers on both sides for left- or right-handed users. The latter activates a drum in the front wheel. There is also a switch that can put the scooter in “reverse gear.” Making tight turns is easy as the C+walk T only needs 0.59m to pivot.

A 0.5hp brushless DC motor drives the front wheel. Riding speed varies from 2km/h to 10km/h. Power comes from a removable 25V 10.8Ah lithium-ion battery that offers a range of 14km. Charging until full takes 2.5 hours.

The drive unit can be hooked up to several accessories. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

The C+walk T is one smart scooter, too. When a pedestrian or obstruction is detected, it will make visual and aural warnings, and automatically decelerate to 2km/h. Since the front wheel can be turned up to 90°, it can regulate its speed based on the steering angle. Finally, all wheels come with puncture-proof tires.

The Toyota C+walk T is a great tool for those who have difficulties moving around. We can only imagine what other applications the Japanese automaker might have for this scooter.

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