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The VanMoof V pedal-assist bicycle has car features

Its drivetrain comes equipped with an automatic shifter

The VanMoof V is a smart-looking bicycle. IMAGE FROM VANMOOF

The move from using cars to bicycles isn’t just dependent on cities having the proper infrastructure for the latter. There is the not-so-little issue of having the physical strength to pedal for extended periods of time. But Dutch bicycle maker VanMoof has a solution that should make the transition more gradual.

It has an anti-theft system consisting of an alarm, a GPS locator, and a remote lock. IMAGES FROM VANMOOF

It’s called the VanMoof V, and on the face of it, this looks unlike any bicycle you’ve seen before. There are no exposed wires, cables or components, and it seems like everything is partially or completely hidden by the beefy frame. It’s a rather clean design, and the chunky tires and front and rear suspension should make the ride very comfortable.

The V’s trick up its sleeve is the drivetrain. There are two assist motors—one for each wheel. This gives the bicycle a top speed of 50km/h. In addition, there is an automatic shifter which supposedly behaves like that of a car. The shift points can be set remotely using the VanMoof app, and the user can supposedly change gears manually as well.

Almost all of its gadgets are hidden neatly by the bulky frame. IMAGES FROM VANMOOF

It even has clever anti-theft systems. There is a hands-free wheel lock that works with the mobile app and automatically arms and disarms depending on the device’s proximity. The V is also equipped with an alarm system, which is said to emit a series of deafening sounds to deter thieves. There is a service that can track the location of the bike should it be stolen.

This bicycle has two drive motors for better traction and more power. IMAGE FROM VANMOOF

As expected, the high-tech V doesn’t come cheap. Each one starts at $3,598 (P183,000). But if you’re still interested, VanMoof will happily put you on a waiting list for a reservation fee of $20 (P1,000). Deliveries start at the end of 2022.

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