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Owning and maintaining a Maserati in the new normal is safe and enjoyable

Shopping for a luxuriously sporty automobile need not be risky

Even though the development of vaccines for COVID-19 has given the world some relief, it will still take the better part of 2021 before the pandemic will abate as production and distribution of the vaccine ramps up and the world population slowly develops immunity. Even so, who can say that yet another virus will not come about? It is in this light that forward-thinking businesses have been compelled to take proactive measures to ensure the welfare of their customers and the survival of their business.

For a luxury car brand like Maserati, it means taking steps that preserve the dealership experience while enhancing customer safety, as well as using technology to further coronavirus-proof its products.

Aside from continuous compliance and monitoring of the guidance of the World Health Organization, the Department of Health, and the Inter-Agency Task Force, Maserati enthusiasts and owners are guaranteed to experience enhanced safety guidelines and protocols in the showroom and the service center, as shown in a video released by the company.

Modena Motorsports president Sam Verzosa reassures that the luxury car brand’s priority is the welfare of Maserati patrons. “We understand that people may still have concerns about whether it’s safe to visit our showroom, or if there’s a health hazard to bring their Maserati cars to our service center,” he says. “We are releasing this video to show that health and safety are of the utmost importance to us, and they can still experience the Maserati service at ease. We are ramping up the frequency of cleaning common areas, adhering to government recommendations, and even adopting new technologies and ways of servicing and sanitizing the cars of our clients.”

As for the cars themselves, a new innovation is the Multifunctional Air-Cleaning Filter. A new addition to the Genuine Accessories Range for the Quattroporte, the Ghibli and the Levante, it is composed of three layers of varying filtration materials to provide the safest air to breathe. It can efficiently filter in-car air from harmful particles while improving and maintaining the air quality for a comfortable driving experience. For customers who need further protection, they can also opt for an upgraded Sanitation Program equipped with the new SANY-CAR Ozone Generator.

We are releasing this video to show that health and safety are of the utmost importance to us, and clients can still experience the Maserati service at ease

As for Maserati’s showroom and service center, the company has implemented stringent measures to help lessen the risk of COVID-19 infection:

  • Increase in the frequency and scope of cleaning and disinfecting all public areas with a heightened focus on high-touch surfaces.
  • Daily measurement of body temperature of both employees and guests.
  • Daily monitoring of health declaration forms of both employees and guests.
  • Availability of disinfection mats at the entrance.
  • Observing “No Face Mask, No Entry” policy.
  • Use of face shields inside the premises is also encouraged.
  • Availability of hand-sanitation stations in prominent areas.
  • Maintaining social distancing at all times.
  • All loaner vehicles are comprehensively disinfected between uses.

Service center additional protocols:

  • Availability of vehicle disinfection carpet at the entrance.
  • Dealer staff and technicians are equipped with proper PPE: face masks and gloves.
  • Use of protective seat cover, steering wheel cover, shifter, and floor mat cover as an extra level of protection while the vehicle is in the service center.
  • Use of dedicated sanitizers and disinfectant in cleaning vehicle interior and exterior.

With these measures now being implemented, Modena Motorsports hopes that customers will continue to patronize and enjoy the Maserati experience, while ensuring the safety and the well-being of all involved.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Maserati Philippines.