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Why you should seriously consider gassing up with Metro Oil

This local petroleum brand is out to pleasantly surprise you

Next time you see a Metro Oil station, just know that the company behind it is trustworthy. PHOTO FROM METRO OIL

If you grew up with a dad who loved cars, then you most likely had a lot of quality time spent together at gas stations. And if your family had a very thirsty van, fueling up was a regular exercise. Back in the day, only the big petroleum players existed in the market with nearly identically priced product lines. These days, you can get premium-grade juice that your pride-and-joy deserves without premium-grade prices.

Enter Metro Oil. Opening its first filling station on España Boulevard in 2002, it has actually been doing business in the country since 1977 as a former distributor of Mobil Oil products. Metro Oil, therefore, knows the importance of high-quality petroleum products to the Filipino motorist. The country’s harsh driving conditions mean engines have to work hard most of the time. And one of the things that will keep engines healthy in tough situations is high-quality fuel.

It is for this very reason that Metro Oil should be at the top of your short list of gas stations the next time you come in for a fill-up. With the company’s over 40 years of experience, you can rest assured that its products are engineered to mitigate the buildup of carbon deposits and improve fuel burn. Clean and efficient combustion means fewer breakdowns and more smiles per hour when taking out the family on a road trip.

You may have spotted several of Metro Oil’s previous-design stations. The brand has evolved. PHOTO FROM METRO OIL

Complying with the government’s Euro 4 fuel quality standards, Metro Oil’s fuels are cleaner and greener than ever. The firm’s extensive presence in the industry allows it to make its products environment-friendly. Its initiatives for corporate citizenship, meanwhile, exceed mere customer service and cover the future sustainability of the oil industry as well.

As for pricing, Metro Oil has been a preferred brand among public-utility vehicle operators as it offers a cost-effective way of minimizing operating expenses and maximizing profits. And this pricing isn’t just limited to what each customer pays outright at the pumps. With the company investing heavily in top-notch equipment and engaging in best industry practices, every liter of fuel that goes into your tank comes with the promise that Metro Oil’s products are of first-rate quality.

Metro Oil has been a preferred brand among PUV operators as it offers a cost-effective way of minimizing expenses and maximizing profits

Your car deserves the same high-quality treatment. Metro Oil guarantees that the same value-for-money approach that works for PUV and fleet operators will also do wonders for private car owners. The benefits from the firm’s clean-burning fuels remain unchanged, as does the reduction in maintenance and running costs brought about by the use of these fuels.

Access to quality fuels doesn’t have to be an exercise in patience and eventual futility. A Metro Oil station might just be a few blocks away from you. Whether it’s for a trusty old taxicab or a well-maintained classic convertible, gassing up at Metro Oil is a wise decision that would make sense even for car enthusiasts.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Metro Oil.