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5 modified Suzuki Jimnys that will inspire new owners

This popular little SUV is meant to be customized

With the new Jimny’s exterior design, the aftermarket possibilities are endless. Have fun with it. PHOTO FROM DAMD

The much-awaited fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny is officially debuting in our market today. As far as we’re concerned, we’ve published every possible story angle—including the colors, the features and the prices—to entice you to purchase one. And then what?

After you buy what is essentially the automotive equivalent of a newly released iPhone, what do you do? Do you leave it bone-stock and motor around town looking like everyone else? Or do you modify it right away so that there’s no mistaking who owns it?

If you decide on the latter, then good on you. Welcome to an enjoyable but also money-sucking journey. Now, before you embark on a highly fulfilling but also potentially frustrating aftermarket project, may we first show you five examples of tastefully—or egregiously, depending on your taste—customized Jimnys? We’re sure these will serve as a well of overflowing inspiration as you figure out what to do exactly with your new runabout.

This thing is called the Black Bison. It’s easy to see why. PHOTOS FROM WALD

1. Wald. The international aftermarket specialist has created this special edition for Jimny owners who want to stand out like Zion Williamson on a basketball court filled with lame white dudes. The company even has a badass name for it: Black Bison. Those roof-mounted LED fixtures were developed in-house (as were most of the exterior pieces attached to the vehicle).

For old souls who love things from the past. Looks better than new. PHOTOS FROM FASHION JIMNY CENTER

2. Fashion Jimny Center. This Japanese vehicle modification shop likes the classic style. Hence this retro-looking Jimny that features the old-school “Suzuki” badge on the grille and white-sidewall tires on throwback wheels.

The Land Rover Defender is the obvious inspiration here. PHOTOS FROM DAMD

3. DAMD. That’s acronym for “Dream Automotive Development and Design.” This modified Jimny is called “Little D,” and the ‘D’ here doesn’t refer to the Japanese shop’s name but to the iconic Land Rover Defender which the style visibly mimics.

Because it’s not enough that tne fourth-gen Jimny somewhat resembles the G-Wagen. PHOTOS FROM LIBERTY WALK

4. Liberty Walk. One of the most prominent car customizers in Japan has come up with this, a mini version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Which is what many people consider as the new Jimny’s bigger-sized doppelgänger anyway.

Why spend a lot on modification when you can do it yourself? Just be subtle. PHOTOS FROM ROAM OVERLANDING

5. Do-it-yourself. Of course, you don’t have to pay a big-name garage just to have your Jimny tweaked to your liking. You can actually do the job yourself, assuming you have the knack (and hopefully a good aesthetic sense) for it. This example is the work of a private owner we found on Instagram. He sourced the bumpers, the roof rack and the other accessories from various shops in South Africa. A task that shouldn’t be that difficult in the Philippines if you know where to look.

Vernon B. Sarne

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