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A couple and their little pink hatchback named ‘Diva’

Chira and Ehly talk about their trusty Mitsubishi Mirage

After a candid debate, Chira and Ehly ended up calling their Mirage, 'Diva.' PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

When owners give their car a nickname, it’s usually a play on the model name or a charming female name as any automobile is often referred to as a “she.” But for Chira dela Cruz and Ehly Garcia, the moniker for their 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage came about after a lengthy and hilarious exchange of possible cognomens. Both ladies eventually exclaimed, “What a diva!” From then on, the Amethyst Purple hatchback was to be called “Diva.”

In the couple’s search for the ideal car, there were two key points that had to be considered.  First, the vehicle had to be within their budget. Second, it must be reliable and easy to own. As the car was going to be used as a daily driver, fuel efficiency was a major factor. “According to our research, the Mirage was the most fuel-efficient car among our choices,” shares Chira.

Amethyst Purple Mirages are quite uncommon, so the couple's car stands out. PHOTOS FROM MITSUBISHI

Diva would deliver in that department. Chira claims that the 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine manages 13-15km/L in city driving. Now, a motor that small and frugal isn’t designed for straight-line performance, so Chira takes advantage of her Mirage’s size instead. The little hatchback can maneuver easily around tight spaces with its kart-like handling.

Chira and Ehly are proud of the fact that their Mirage can climb up to the People’s Park in the Sky in Tagaytay with four adults and their gear in tow. That goes to show how Mitsubishi has designed the car to work in a wide range of road conditions. And if the brand’s smallest product can easily make the uphill trek, how much more its bigger siblings?

It can go far on a full tank, making it a thrifty companion on road trips. PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

Life is never a smooth road, however. And a collision with a 16-wheeler truck was to be Diva’s toughest challenge. The couple was initially worried as they had heard of testimonials from customers worrying about the lengthy wait for their vehicles to be repaired at an authorized dealership. But restoring Diva was only a short three-week job—attributed to the fact that the Mirage is assembled locally, so spare parts are easy to find.

Chira and Ehly promise to continue making Diva a part of their lives. PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

Today’s Mirage has been updated to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers, but it still has the same formula that endeared it to Chira and Ehly. Even after eight years of ownership, the couple still enjoys every moment spent with Diva. They have vowed to never let go of their trusty hatchback.

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