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Amazing details give us an idea of cars in 2030

The Renault Symbioz is autonomous, electric, connected

With autonomous cars, the roads will be safe from stupid drivers. PHOTO FROM RENAULT

This is the Renault Symbioz, the French automaker’s concept of what automobiles might be like in the year 2030. But while the target date is still more than a decade away from the present, the futuristic vehicle is already a working prototype. In fact, the company is already giving journalists a ride onboard the car, which clearly looks advanced even for these high-tech times.

From the outside, the Symbioz could still pass for a current vehicle model. PHOTOS FROM RENAULT

If you’re already impressed with the exterior design, you have to look more closely at some parts and elements to fully appreciate what Renault has accomplished here.

As you can see, this car has otherworldly lights, side 'mirrors' and door 'handles'. PHOTOS FROM RENAULT

But wait…there’s more. The truly showstopping highlights of the Symbioz—which is electric, self-driving and connected—are found inside the cabin. Little details tell us what our vehicles might be like 13 years from now.

The interior looks like some props from a sci-fi movie starring Will Smith. PHOTOS FROM RENAULT

Suddenly, even luxury cars today seem pedestrian by comparison. We only hope that future automobiles like the Symbioz will still offer the option of being driven by humans, and that the experience will still be a blast. Excited for 2030?

Vernon B. Sarne

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