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An all-Tesla electric GT race series is coming

If successful, it could lure other automakers into joining

Who would have thought an electric car could look this good on a racetrack? PHOTO FROM ELECTRIC GT HOLDINGS

Hot on the heels of the FIA revealing the latest generation Formula E car, motorsports’ governing body has just released some more exciting electric news. The Electric Production Car Series (initially known as the Electric GT World Series) has officially been given the go-ahead, meaning we will be seeing electric GT cars compete against each other in an innovative new format in the very near future. The series is meant to be an opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their electric performance cars, but as the number of automakers with high-powered EVs is rather slim right now, the field will be made up entirely of Teslas for the moment.

This is the racing version of the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous+ mode. PHOTO FROM ELECTRIC GT HOLDINGS

This electric racing series has been in the planning stages for the best part of two years, and will utilize a race-modified version of the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous+ mode that can go from zero to 100km/h in 2.1 seconds. There is even a Philippine connection to this car, as the prototype was built by Campos Racing, the same company that also built the Electric Jeepney prototype we wrote about a few months ago. The vehicle, which packs 778hp and 995Nm, has now passed FIA crash tests and received full approval for use in the series, which promises to be different from most other motorsport events.

It will be an all-Tesla grid at the start. PHOTO FROM ELECTRIC GT HOLDINGS

Not only are all the cars on the grid electric, but the actual format also represents a departure from traditional racing. Each round of the EPCS will consist of three qualifying sessions followed by two 60km races, the distance constraint being brought about by the batteries. Every round will then also contain a “Drift Off” event, where the top two finishers of the race and two more drivers voted in by the fans will compete against each other in a number of drifting challenges.

A new era is dawning in motorsports. PHOTO FROM ELECTRIC GT HOLDINGS

The inaugural season will see 10 teams with two drivers each compete against each other. And while no official calendar has been released yet, a number of tracks have already been confirmed, including Catalunya, Estoril, Donington Park, Mugello, Paul Ricard and even the Nurburgring.

Much of the future success of this series will depend on this first season, and if things go well, we may see other manufacturers join in the fun. This may well lead to a future where we will witness the Tesla Model S take on the Porsche Mission E and the Jaguar I-Pace on the best racetracks in the world in a quest for electric racing domination. Excited yet?

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