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Geely’s newest 7-seat SUV is called the Xingyue L

To be launched in China within the year

The KX11 finally has a name, albeit one that's quite challenging to pronounce. PHOTO FROM GEELY

Remember the Geely KX11 that was teased back in January? Well, it finally has a name: Xingyue L. The automaker’s social media accounts have just released previews of the new seven-seat SUV that’s slated to be launched in the Chinese market sometime this year.

One would think that some European automaker had penned this look. PHOTOS FROM GEELY

The Xingyue L is one of the larger SUVs from Geely, and it’s quite a looker. The car’s hero color is called “Cui Yu Blue,” when roughly translated from the Chinese press release. This deep, lustrous shade of teal does bring out the best in the body’s lines and creases.

The car’s design straddles the line between luxurious and sporty, with some European styling influences and a few chrome bits. The slatted radiator grille looks like one of the largest ever fitted to a Geely. The Xingyue L rides on massive two-tone alloy wheels. Lastly, the sharp-looking taillamps converge into one lightbar (kind of like the Audi Q8).

Passengers are in for a treat with the Xingyue L's luxurious cabin. PHOTO FROM GEELY

Not only does the Xingyue L look upscale on the outside, but the elegance extends to the interior as well. The same teal hue from the exterior makes its way onto the seats, matched with gold accents. Notice how the infotainment screen appears to occupy most of the dashboard. It’s no Mercedes Hyperscreen, but it’s exciting to see how Geely’s implementation will look like.

Do you think this car has the potential to sell well in the Philippines? PHOTO FROM GEELY

Performance details are still up in the air, but we know the Xingyue L rides on the Compact Modular Architecture platform that’s shared between Volvo and Geely. It sits above the Haoyue (known locally as the Okavango) as the Chinese brand’s premium seven-seat offering. Considering how well Geely has performed in the Philippine market, we hope to see the Xingyue L land on our shores.

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