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Gotta admit this is one handsome fastback

In the US, the Buick Regal Avenir is sure to turn heads

We know this car is not available in our market, but damn, it looks good. Come here, Buick! PHOTO FROM BUICK

Buick’s range-topping Avenir line of vehicles has been a success story for General Motors’ luxury marque. A sizable chunk of Enclave and LaCrosse sales consists of cars specced with the opulence of Buick’s premium sub-brand. And to give customers more ways of experiencing Buick’s “highest expression of luxury,” the Regal fastback gets the Avenir treatment.

This would give the Mazda 6 a run for its styling money. PHOTOS FROM BUICK

Avenir means “future” in French, and Buick is equipping the Regal Avenir with its first cloud-based infotainment system. This innovative piece of kit lets customers interact with their vehicle using embedded apps and voice commands. It will also allow the creation of personalized user profiles, which, like social media accounts, can be accessed by owners in compatible vehicles.

‘Avenir’ means future in French, but we want this now. PHOTOS FROM BUICK

Making the Regal Avenir stand out from its lesser brethren is a unique mesh grille and signature 19-inch “Pearl Nickel” alloy wheels. Inside, passengers are treated to quilt-stitched seats and a choice of Avenir-specific beige or ebony interior color scheme. And just to drive home the point that you’re cocooned in the very best that American luxury has to offer, Buick has thoughtfully embroidered the headrests with the Avenir name.

Only the finest materials are used in the cabin, it seems. PHOTOS FROM BUICK

Powering the Regal Avenir is not the V6 engine from the sporty Regal GS. Instead, it gets the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder motor found in every other Regal trim level. This powerplant produces a healthy 250hp and 353Nm, and is mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Optional extras on lower Regal variants—such as the Bose premium audio system, rear park assist and auto-leveling LED headlamps—thankfully come as standard equipment on the Avenir version.

Buick says that the demand for premium cars is on the rise—which its Avenir line is successfully taking advantage of. If the sales of the Enclave Avenir and the LaCrosse Avenir are anything to go by, the Regal Avenir looks poised to become Buick’s next big hit.

Miggi Solidum

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