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It’s official: Geely PH will join sedan wars

New product will be based on the same platform as the Coolray

Are you interested in a Geely sedan? PHOTO FROM GEELY

Even with photos and a video circulating on social media, Geely Philippines had initially denied the existence of a sedan in its lineup. But the automaker is confirming it now. Customers can look forward to a fourth member of the Chinese automaker’s family of models.

That said, the firm is keeping silent about the specifics of its upcoming new product. The only things that it is willing to reveal are the vehicle’s B-segment Modular Architecture platform (used by the Coolray) and the high-tech factory where it is produced.

That looks like a lightbar. PHOTO FROM GEELY

We already have a speculation on what this particular product is. But one thing is for sure. If Geely plays its cards right, this could be another segment shaker that veteran car companies should be nervous about.

Miggi Solidum

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