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Kia offers a peek into what its future SUVs might look like

Check out the Masterpiece and Signature concept vehicles

We don’t know about you, but we still like the Spice Girls more than Blackpink. Viva forever. PHOTO FROM KIA

On the first day of the Seoul Motor Show, Kia pulled a couple of surprises out of its bag of tricks to try and make a great impression at the biennial automotive expo. Specifically, the Korean carmaker unveiled a pair of new SUV concepts as well as technologies that offer a glimpse of what Kia vehicles might be like in the future.

The Mohave Masterpiece is gorgeous in a muscular way. PHOTOS FROM KIA

First is the Mohave Masterpiece, which is what Kia describes as “a rugged and robust large SUV concept.” Shown to the world for the first time, this truck is big, boxy and rugged-looking—basically how one would expect a go-anywhere vehicle to look like. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the brand’s “tiger nose” grille is still present, but is given a modern interpretation. The design language flows into the rear with LED lighting all around.

The compact Signature is an evolution of the SP Concept. PHOTOS FROM KIA

Second is the Signature compact SUV. Derived from the SP Concept exhibited at Auto Expo 2018 in India, the crossover sports an exterior that looks muscular yet sleek and athletic. With this concept, Kia reimagines its design language. Said to be the basis for future Kia SUVs, this is potentially the brand’s first-ever all-electric four-door passenger car.

Additionally, Kia also presented its READ (Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving) system, which allows the car to, er, read one’s mood and emotions and make the necessary changes in the vehicle’s settings as the situation calls for it. V-Touch, meanwhile, lets one tinker with the vehicle’s settings via unique gestures. Once perfected, these two new technologies will be applied to future Kia models.

So, it looks like Kia is very much prepared for tomorrow, both here and abroad. We can’t wait to witness more surprises from the company in the coming days.

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