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Lotus’s last gas-powered car will be called the Emira

After this, the automaker will build just electric sports cars

After the Elise, the Exige and the Evora comes the Emira. IMAGE FROM LOTUS

Lotus is an automotive brand that most people fondly remember for its signature lightweight sports cars. Ever since the announcement of the Evija and the automaker’s preparation for a zero-emissions future, the Elise, the Exige and the Evora have all been lined up on the chopping block. But Lotus is planning to give the humble internal-combustion engine one last ride with the Emira.

At least we know what the daytime running lights will look like. PHOTO FROM LOTUS

Emira means “commander” or “leader” in Arabic. It’s a fitting name for the Type 131 (the Emira’s internal model code), considering that the car will be Lotus’s last one to be powered by fossil fuel before the brand goes fully electric. The photos released so far aren’t conclusive, but Lotus claims that the Emira will have some of the Evija’s styling cues. The sports car will be based on Lotus’s “sports car” architecture, which features lightweight aluminum.

There are no specifics on what the car’s powertrain will be, but Lotus says that the customer will be given a “choice of engines.” We think a supercharged Toyota V6 from the Evora will be one of the options, as well as a smaller turbocharged unit. We can also assume that the Emira will come with a proper three-pedal manual transmission.

Those 'gills' mean that something hot is under there. PHOTO FROM LOTUS

Lotus promises that the Emira will focus on everyday usability alongside the car’s track performance. After all, the brand’s past products aren’t really known for being excellent daily drivers. Interestingly, Lotus will also skip hybrids and make the immediate transition from piston engines to EVs.

The Emira will be fully revealed on July 6. You can catch it in action at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 8-11.

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