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More brand-new parts will be available for the A70 and A80 Toyota Supra

Automaker wants to help you complete your project car

Are you having trouble finding parts for your classic Supra? PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing Heritage Parts Project is a good way of allowing enthusiasts to continue building their vehicles with OEM-quality components. The initiative started last year with select parts for the 2000GT and certain Supra models. With the latter’s increasing desirability making it more difficult to find spare parts, Toyota is coming to the rescue with a new batch of components specific to the A70 and A80 models.

Below is the list of parts and their respective release dates:

A70 Supra side protection molding and clutch master cylinder. PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

A70 SUPRA (1986-1993)

July 2021

  • Clutch master cylinder
  • Clutch release cylinder
  • Brake hose
  • Heater hose
  • Air-conditioner control panel knob

August 2021

  • Front emblem

August 2021 or later

  • Side protection moldings
  • “Toyota Supra” rear emblem
  • Front-door garnish
  • Front suspension lower-arm bush
A80 Supra front bumper. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

A80 SUPRA (1993-2002)

July 2021

  • Oxygen sensor

August 2021 or later

  • Front bumper cover

These components will be available in the Japanese market before the rest of the world. If you have an A70 or A80 build, you can visit this website for more details such as part numbers. Toyota is working on distributing these to its dealer network. And it pays to get yours as early as possible as these parts will be produced in small numbers. Have fun!

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