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Subaru’s STI E-RA Concept wants to set world records

The 1,083hp EV aims to lap the Green Hell in under seven minutes

The STI E-RA Concept isn't a vehicle we expected Subaru to make. PHOTO FROM STI

When Subaru teased its 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon lineup, we alluded that the STI E-RA Concept would be a preview of what an electrified WRX STI would be like. Well, we’re glad that we got that entirely wrong.

We were expecting another crossover, which did make its debut in the form of the Solterra STI Concept. On the other hand, the STI E-RA Concept is a bonkers vehicle created for the STI ER-A Challenge Project, a research initiative by the automaker to gain experience in motorsports without internal combustion.

Its four electric motors were developed by Yamaha. PHOTO FROM STI

“E-RA” stands for “Electric-Record-Attempt,” because it aims to set a lap time of six minutes and 40 seconds around the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife from 2023 onward after testing at various Japanese circuits this year. While the fastest EV around the Green Hell goes to the Volkswagen ID.R, Subaru’s target time is still no easy feat.

Powering the STI E-RA Concept are four electric motors from Yamaha with an integrated inverter powered by a 60kWh lithium-ion battery. The system has a total output of 1,083hp. It also has four-wheel torque vectoring that works in tandem with various sensors to allow for extremely precise adjustments to ensure the driver always has the most amount of grip.

Watch out for this car when it takes on the Green Hell. PHOTO FROM STI

The way this vehicle was constructed follows FIA E-GT regulations, which doesn’t rule out the possibility of it competing in motorsports should Subaru and STI decide to take that direction.

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