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The GT-R Nismo Special Edition gets the new Nissan badge

You really can’t kill Godzilla, can you?

For Nissan, there is still plenty of life left in the GT-R platform. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Like Godzilla in the movies, the Nissan GT-R continues to slowly evolve over the years. The underlying platform may be 14 years old, but the R35 is still the monster that it always was. The Nismo version launched a few years back was a formidable opponent on the track. But Nissan felt that there was more potential to be unleashed, so it treated the GT-R Nismo to further upgrades.

The Nismo Special Edition doesn't really look special if you don't know what changes were made. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

The aesthetic updates to the creatively named GT-R Nismo Special Edition include an unpainted carbon hood, new 20-inch Rays wheels with red accents, an exclusive body color called Stealth Gray (gray seems to be the cool color these days), and the new Nissan badge. Sure, the logo only appears on the trunk lid and the wheel caps, but this is the first GT-R that comes with it.

The most important update in this GT-R is the badge. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

The hand-built 3.8-liter VR38DETT engine remains mostly unchanged. It still pushes out 600hp and 652Nm (over the regular GT-R’s 570hp and 633Nm), thanks to turbochargers that come straight out of Nissan’s GT3 race cars. Massive carbon-ceramic brakes and other weight-saving measures help keep the porky GT-R take corners at crazy speeds.

At least you know whom to look for when your engine goes bang. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

Prices haven’t been announced yet, but a limited number of these special GT-Rs will be making their way to the US this fall. We can only hope to see one of these cars reach our shores.

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