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The Honda Civic Hatchback holds the fort for the manual gearbox

Both naturally aspirated and turbo engines can be paired with three pedals

The rear of the Civic Hatchback tapers down in a smoother manner. PHOTO FROM HONDA

We’ve written about the 11th-generation Honda Civic in detail. And because the model’s hatchback iteration offers more or less the same features, we’ll no longer bore you with essentially the same information. What caught our interest is the assurance of a manual transmission for the trunkless version. And we’re happy to report that Honda really did deliver on its promise.

What makes the Civic Hatchback a lot better (for North American customers, so far) is that the six-speed manual transmission will be available for both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines. Honda has historically limited the stick shift to base models, but now even those who can afford the turbo option can get three pedals with it.

The turbo engine can now be paired with a short-throw manual transmission. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

The optional manual transmission will only be for the Sport and Sport Touring variants—the main difference being the engines. Compared to the more sedate LX and EX-L trim levels, Sport and Sport Touring grades get bigger 18-inch wheels and 235mm-wide tires. Performance numbers predictably remain the same: 158hp for the 2.0-liter engine and 180hp for the 1.5-liter turbo unit. Sport Touring variants get all the goodies with additional driver aids, wireless phone integration, and premium Bose speakers.

The hatchback's cargo area has a little more room than the sedan's. PHOTO FROM HONDA

While the sedan will be assembled in Canada, the production line for the hatchback is located stateside in Greensburg, Indiana. As for the Civic Hatchback making it to our country, let’s just say that we’re hoping Honda Cars Philippines will seriously consider bringing it in.

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