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The ID.4 GTX is the first hot Volkswagen EV

Is this a sign of the gas-powered GTI’s slow death?

The first Volkswagen performance EV being a crossover is a sign of the times. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Remember how Volkswagen teased the GTX badge that would be used on its high-performance EVs? The first car to receive that treatment is the award-winning ID.4. It’s not the electric equivalent of the Golf GTI that people were clamoring for, but it still makes sense as a performance car.

The standard ID.4's white accents are now black. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Speaking of performance, the most powerful variant of the regular ID.4 has a single rear-mounted electric motor that produces 201hp. The GTX gains another motor to drive the front wheels, pushing the total output to 295hp. Volkswagen hasn’t released any torque figures yet, but it claims that the GTX is able to do the 0-to-100km/h sprint in 6.2 seconds—a good 2.3 seconds off the regular model’s time. Top speed is also up by 20km/h to a maximum of 180km/h (electronically limited).

The GTX badges shamelessly tell other motorists that this ID.4 has serious power. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

You can tell the GTX apart from the regular model with the new bumpers, more body-colored cladding, and new light designs. The new LED taillight signature, in particular, forms an “X.” Volkswagen says that the car’s sporty looks and driving characteristics convey the “spirit of the Golf GTI.”

Speaking of the GTI, we’d honestly love to see one electrified. More GTX-badged cars are coming in the next few years, so expect something like a hot-hatch version of the ID.3 down the line.

We hope this car comes with optional plaid upholstery. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

European customers will see the ID.4 GTX getting launched this summer with a starting price (in Germany) of €50,415 (P2.96 million). Quite good value, really, for the first of many fast EVs to come out of Wolfsburg.

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