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The Koenigsegg Gemera has an overachieving little engine

Part of its hybrid system is the so-called ‘Tiny Friendly Giant’

This Swedish megacar can give its Italian counterparts a literal run for their money. PHOTO FROM KOENIGSEGG

A three-cylinder engine is what you’d normally find in affordable econoboxes these days. It’s not really the last word in face-melting performance as far as cars are concerned. But once again, the boffins at Koenigsegg have broken the laws of mechanical engineering and made a car that has three cylinders, four seats and the ability to dash to 100km/h in less than two seconds.

They call it the Gemera, and its minuscule petrol engine is affectionally named the Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG). This 2.0-liter twin-turbo engine may be small, but coursing through its three cylinders is a whopping 600hp of output and 600Nm of torque. By comparison, the Chevrolet Suburban’s 5.3-liter V8 doesn’t even come anywhere close in performance.

Do you love grand entrances? Here you go. PHOTOS FROM KOENIGSEGG

The TFG and three electric motors work together to produce a combined output of 1.27MW. That’s 1,700hp, in case you’re wondering. The overall torque? It’s a jaw-dropping 3,500Nm. Aside from the impressive acceleration time, the gasoline-electric propulsion allows the Gemera to max out at 400km/h. However, what is interesting is Koenigsegg’s claim that the car can cruise up to 300km/h in pure electric mode, with the powerful 800V battery providing enough juice to reach those speeds (or drive 50km in between charges).

Even the high-tech ‘side mirrors’ are a show. PHOTOS FROM KOENIGSEGG

Koenigsegg says that the TFG-electric motor combo is the vision of things to come as far as performance powerplants are concerned. Not only is it a very efficient system, the company says it is also a sustainable solution. The ability to be plugged in and run on next-generation fuels—such as Gen 2.0 ethanol—apparently makes the Gemera as “carbon dioxide-neutral as a pure electric car running on a good electric source.”

While such high-tech power units are commonly debuted on two-seat hypercars, Koenigsegg decided to shove it into a body shell that can accommodate four passengers. Dubbed the “Mega-GT,” the Gemera has a 3,000mm wheelbase that means each occupant gets more than enough space to stretch out and enjoy the car’s various amenities such as front and rear infotainment screens, warm and cold cupholders, onboard Internet connectivity, 11 audio speakers, and heated memory-foam seats.

Can you show us a more special-looking car interior than this one? Go ahead and think. PHOTOS FROM KOENIGSEGG

And even as the Gemera is clearly Koenigsegg’s showcase of its future aspirations, the megacar still pays homage to the company’s illustrious past. The windshield wraps itself around the cockpit like that of a fighter aircraft—just like on the Swedish Air Force’s Saab JAS 39 Gripen jets that used to occupy the hypercar manufacturer’s headquarters. The front end is inspired by one of the firm’s first prototype, the CC. Minimalist Swedish design principles come into play with the massive doors that allow easy access to both front and rear seating areas.

Only 300 Gemeras will be built. While there is no word yet on the pricing, we can all expect that the amount will be as overwhelming as the car’s performance figures.

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