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The Morgan Plus 8 GTR is a classic race car with high-tech bits

Featuring automaker’s pioneering bonded-aluminum technology

The Plus 8 GTR's old-school design is quite charming. IMAGE FROM MORGAN

The Morgan Motor Company is known for its hand-built, eccentric vehicles that look nothing like any car on the road—think the 3-Wheeler. But if you believe the brand’s a little too stiff and posh for your taste, then consider this. It has a very special project for 2021 dubbed the Plus 8 GTR, a “gloves off” special edition by the quirky automaker.

The long hood could house a tweaked BMW N62 engine. IMAGE FROM MORGAN

Why does Morgan call it “gloves off”? The Plus 8 GTR is based on the former Plus 8 race cars from the 1990s. One vehicle in particular (named Big Blue) became a test bed for the company’s first bonded-aluminum chassis, so it’s fitting for the modernized version to utilize the latest generation of Morgan’s aluminum technologies.

This project uses a number of Plus 8 rolling chassis as the base, which have all been recommissioned to be equipped with a slew of upgrades to bring it up to spec with modern regulations. There aren’t any specific power figures yet for the Plus 8 GTR, but the BMW N62 4.8-liter engine that powers the regular Plus 8 produces a healthy 362hp and is mated to a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic gearbox.

Big Blue is giving Morgan much experience in aluminum use. PHOTO FROM MORGAN

From the concept drawings, one can make out the traditional coachbuilding techniques in the car’s swooping fenders, rear end, and front splitter that have all been modeled after the prior Plus 8 race car. All vehicles will also be assembled at the Morgan Design and Engineering Center rather than its traditional Pickersleigh Road factory.

Only nine Plus 8 GTRs will ever see the light of day. PHOTO FROM MORGAN

Only nine examples will be built, with production beginning this summer. Availability is also limited to certain worldwide markets and, if you do order one, you’ll be invited to customize your Plus 8 GTR with the help of Morgan’s design team.

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