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The Nissan Urvan Premium S will let you travel first class

Check out how it is designed to pamper you on the road

The Urvan Premium S wants to help you keep your sanity in horrendous Metro Manila traffic. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

If you’ve been watching auto industry trends, you’ve surely noticed how small cars and subcompact crossovers have been lording it over other vehicle segments in terms of sales. Their affordability and practicality certainly have a lot to do with their popularity in this budget-conscious market of ours. What some industry observers may have missed is the recent surge in demand for big, spacious passenger vans.

This is due to the ever-worsening traffic conditions we have not only in Metro Manila but also in other busy cities around the country. With the amount of time people spend just sitting in gridlock, those who can afford it simply acquire a van and hire a driver. The local market is now teeming with product offerings that cater to this specific requirement.

But then there are those who want to take things up a few notches. Usually, they’re the movers and shakers in their business or social circles. They want their time on the road not only to count but to provide them with a first-class lifestyle experience as well.

Enter the Nissan Urvan Premium S.

Prepare to enter a van fit for a big boss or a celebrity. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

In a nutshell, the Urvan Premium S is a more luxurious version of the already-well-appointed Urvan Premium. While things may look almost the same on the outside—save for the more stylish alloy wheels and the ’S’ badges—it’s an entirely different story inside the cabin. Immediately striking you is the impression of space. That’s because the Urvan Premium S has three fewer seats compared with its more “regular” sibling. While the Urvan Premium is a legitimate 15-seater van, the Urvan Premium S accommodates 11 lucky passengers in utter style and comfort. Ceiling and floor LED lights help enhance the upscale look and feel of the interior.

This picture actually makes us want to get trapped in the worst gridlock you can imagine. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

The captain seats—which recline, slide and rotate for unparalleled seating flexibility—are wrapped in high-quality leather. Rear occupants are even treated to first-class accommodations by a pair of 10.1-inch Blaupunkt monitors mounted on the front-seat headrests. Imagine watching a Marvel movie with the gang at 3km/h along EDSA. And to further replicate the opulent mile-high ambience, there are overhead cabinets in which to store your most precious paraphernalia.

Do these features look familiar? They probably remind you of your last first-class flight. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

Meanwhile, the pilot (aka your chauffeur) can either be the life of the party or help set a relaxing mood with the seven-inch Pioneer touchscreen multimedia display at his disposal. And to ensure that your leisurely travel is safe and secure, there’s a Blaupunkt dash camera that will work in tandem with the vehicle’s peripheral sensors and antitheft system to give you the kind of peace Donald Trump can now only dream of.

Useful gadgets add to the vehicle's practicality. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

The Urvan Premium S costs P442,000 more than the Urvan Premium (which is priced at P1,776,000 for the MT and P1,836,000 for the AT). So that translates to the following price tags:

  • Urvan Premium S MT – P2,218,000
  • Urvan Premium S AT – P2,278,000

Not bad for having your own aircraft-like van. If you’re interested, you may now inquire with your favorite Nissan dealership. Or better yet, you may check out the vehicle in the metal at the upcoming 2018 Manila International Auto Show on April 5 to 8 at World Trade Center in Pasay City. Atoy Customs will exhibit a unit at the event, together with three other versions (including the so-called Premium A, which is apparently more loaded and hence more expensive).

With traffic congestion unlikely to ease up in the foreseeable future, we expect to see more chauffeur-driven vans transporting not only captains of industry but also families that want to spend quality time in traffic. And among these vans, it’s going to be tough finding a better, more cost-efficient option than the Nissan Urvan Premium S.

Vernon B. Sarne

Vernon is the founder and editor-in-chief of VISOR. He has been an automotive journalist for 26 years. He became one by serendipity, walking into the office of a small publishing company and applying for a position he had no idea was for a local car magazine. God has watched over him throughout his humble journey. He writes the ‘Spoiler’ column.