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The Porsche 911 Turbo from ‘Bad Boys’ will be up for auction

Originally owned by director Michael Bay

Remember this car chasing down the bad guy in a Shelby Cobra? PHOTO FROM MECUM AUCTIONS

Think of any film with tons of car carnage and the Fast & Furious franchise immediately comes to mind. But another movie that has plenty of wrecked vehicles is the Bad Boys action-comedy trilogy. The first two titles were directed by Michael Bay, so explosions and wasted cars come with the package.

This used to be director Michael Bay's personal vehicle. PHOTOS FROM MECUM AUCTIONS

But amidst the automotive chaos on screen, the hero car predictably avoids at least getting wrecked because the lead character won’t be able to do his or her job without it. And in the case of the first Bad Boys movie (released in 1995), that car happens to be a 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo driven by Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, respectively.

This particular 911 has a history as colorful as its movie appearance. One of less than 350 units produced for the US market in 1994, the car was actually owned by Michael Bay himself. The director then sold it off to Bad Boys II associate producer Pat Sandstone before changing hands several times.

This 911 has a quite a few miles on it, but it still looks mint. PHOTOS FROM MECUM AUCTIONS

As far as auction cars go, this 964-body 911 has been driven around quite a bit as its odometer reads 34,396 miles (55,355km). But it has been very well taken care of as the vehicle has several concours awards under its belt. It has even been exhibited at Porsche’s North American headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from sporting original factory parts like the whale-tail spoiler and the Speedline five-spoke wheels, the vehicle has a Florida rear plate which reads “BAD BYS1.”

The car has complete service records and a certificate of authenticity from Porsche, proving its assembly specifications and its starring role in the movie. It is currently listed at Mecum Auctions, with bidding scheduled on January 6-16, 2022.

Miggi Solidum

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