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The Porsche Taycan interior looks like it was designed by a married person

Because it gives importance to the passenger riding shotgun

Looks like this is a tech-heavy but also sensible car. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

Porsche keeps teasing the final design of its first-ever electric sports car, and the latest set of images released by the German automaker shows the world what the interior of this space-age EV will look like. The cozy cabin and the modern dashboard take inspiration from the 1963 Porsche 911, and they’re dominated by an array of touchscreens that include a free-standing instrument cluster for the driver to look at. But it’s another feature that really caught our eye, and we’re pretty sure that whoever designed this cabin was a married person who liked road trips.

Take a look at these photographs. They show the final design of the Taycan interior before the complete car is to be revealed to the world next month. Next to all the shiny bits and the impressive 16.8-inch display aimed at the driver, there is one feature we really dig. And we can’t help but wonder why nobody has thought of it before. Can you guess what it is?

Obviously not your ordinary instrument cluster. Too lit. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

Yes, we are talking about the display for the passenger! Right in front of whoever is lucky enough to ride shotgun in this electric rocket ship sits an (optional) touchscreen that can control a variety of functions, including the entertainment system (which comes with Apple Music already integrated) and thus the music selection for any road trip. We’re confident that whoever thought this up was in a relationship and liked to go on long drives with his or her significant other, because this is precisely the kind of thing you need on those occasions.

Yes, the front passenger needs to be in control, too. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

Other highlights of this high-tech cruiser include an 8.4-inch touch panel with haptic feedback in the center console that controls things like the air-conditioning and features handwriting recognition for quick input of addresses into the navigation system, as well as the option to control many functions via voice. Simply say “Hey Porsche” followed by the desired command, and the car will do what you asked for (or at least that’s the claim).

The driver can also choose between a number of modes for the digital instrument panel in front of him (or her). These include Classic mode where it mimics the typical Porsche display we got used to over the years, Map mode where the central power meter is replaced by navigation info, Full Map mode where it shows an even bigger version of the map so you don’t get lost, and Pure mode where it just shows the essentials. Oh, and there’s no gearstick anymore. It’s now called a “direction selector switch” and has become part of the instrument panel. Just another sign of the modern times we live in.

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