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The TechArt GTstreet R is a brutal monster for the road

Think a stock Porsche 911 Turbo S is too plain for you?

Because, you know, the standard Porsche 911 Turbo S is too vanilla. PHOTO FROM TECHART

Trying to modify a Porsche 911 can be like attempting to improve a famous artwork. Even with the best of intentions and plenty of enthusiasm, the end result can be catastrophically bad if the people involved aren’t true masters of their craft. Just look at the unfortunate restoration of any RWB Porsche. Luckily, there is a small number of companies in the world that have proven their abilities when it comes to taking products from Zuffenhausen to the next level, and TechArt is certainly one of them. Founded in 1987, the German Porsche tuner has created some impressive cars over the years, and its latest creation once again looks like it would be equally at home in an art museum or on the racetrack.

Just avoid this tasteless livery, please. PHOTOS FROM TECHART

Meet the TechArt GTstreet R, an uncompromising asphalt rocket designed to thrill its passengers and humiliate the competition. Based on the current 911 Turbo S, it produces an astonishing 800hp and 950Nm—good enough for a new top speed of 350km/h. Pure speed isn’t everything with this car, though. TechArt also went to great lengths to improve the aerodynamics and developed a complete kit made from carbon fiber for this purpose. It comprises a new front apron with bigger air intakes, a new front lid, side skirts with remodeled air intakes, and a tiny roof spoiler that shovels air toward the huge new main wing that now takes pride of place at the rear.

In fairness, we like the yellow accents. PHOTOS FROM TECHART

New fenders and wheel arch extensions not only enable a wider stance, but also improve brake cooling. And all this aerodynamic trickery, developed in a wind tunnel, has some measurable effects. Hit 140km/h and the GTstreet R now has four times as much downforce at the rear, while lift at the front is reduced by 45% compared to the stock version. A 25mm-lower suspension system and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber for the road help to keep things shiny side up, while new 20- and 21-inch forged wheels round out the aggressive appearance. Aero discs attached to the wheels are there to keep air turbulence down, and a new exhaust system is onboard to make sure the car is heard before being seen.

These seats will hug you and your date nicely in sharp corners. PHOTOS FROM TECHART

As befits a car of this caliber, the interior can be customized to the buyer’s wishes and comes with carbon fiber, Alcantara and a new steering wheel. As a tribute to the year in which the company was founded, only 87 units will be built, and each car has a numbered badge. If you fancy one, you’ll have to send TechArt a check for €73,000 (P4.35 million) plus taxes. If this sounds cheap, that’s because you also need to give the tuning firm a 911 Turbo S to work its magic on.

Good luck.

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