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Want a land yacht? The TruckHouse BCT is for you

It is based on the mighty Toyota Tacoma

Yeah, you will be the envy of your neighbors and colleagues. PHOTO FROM TRUCKHOUSE

Overlanding is a form of recreation where one would normally travel across great distances of land in a beefed-up off-roader, carrying the essentials required to survive off the grid. In contrast, a typical RV can’t go off the road, but you’re (essentially) bringing the creature comforts of your home with you.

But what do you get if you have something that can do both?

Enter the TruckHouse BCT, a composite expedition vehicle built on one of the toughest trucks available currently, the Toyota Tacoma. This combination will allow you to survive the roughest conditions while being able to live just as comfortably as if you were in an RV.

Who would have thought the Tacoma could be like this? PHOTO FROM TRUCKHOUSE

With an introductory base price of $285,000 (P13.7 million) and with options that cost up to $380,000 (P18,259,000), this mover will cost you your arm and leg.

Still interested? Great.

Now, each truck is made to order, and is available in “stages.”

Stage 1 is available on the the TRD Sport or Access variant, and you get 33-inch tires, long-travel suspension, a custom fabricated rear axle, a new rear bumper, and a reinforced chassis, among other items.

Stage 2 beefs things up a bit. It adds 35-inch tires, an air compressor, a front winch, a snorkel, a higher-clearance front bumper, and an extended-range fuel tank.

Stage 3 is available only for the TRD Pro. Adding onto everything from Stage 2, you get better front and rear differentials, upgraded front and rear winches, and long-travel suspension from a trophy truck.

This makes us want to get off the grid right now. PHOTO FROM TRUCKHOUSE

Afterward, you finally get to kit out your living quarters. The shell is made out of a carbon-fiber reinforced composite to make sure that it, too, is just as tough as the Tacoma. Standard equipment includes an oven, a fridge, a toilet with shower, solar panels with a battery bank, and a bed big enough to comfortably fit four adults. If you have pockets that are deep enough, you can opt for other luxuries like heated floors, a 32-inch TV, a premium surround-sound audio system, and Internet connectivity.

If you’re interested in ordering one, head on over to this page. We’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t even need a proper home once you get something like this.

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