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Lego is now letting us own a Bugatti Chiron

In 1:8 plastic toy-car form, that is

You're going to fight your kid for the right to build this. PHOTO FROM LEGO

Calling a Bugatti your own remains the privilege of a few super-rich individuals, mainly due to the exorbitant price tag attached to these hand-built hypercars, but owning a stunningly detailed model of one has just become a possibility for anyone with some spare cash and the time to build it. Danish toymaker Lego today revealed its latest model kit as part of the Technic series, a perfectly executed replica of the Bugatti Chiron that will stress your credit card and eat up your weekend.

With this having 3,600 parts, the wife is going to miss you. PHOTO FROM LEGO

Consisting of no fewer than 3,600 parts, the Lego Bugatti was developed in partnership with the boutique supercar maker. It features a number of intricate details such as an active rear wing, a detailed replica of the W16 engine complete with moving pistons, and a cockpit with movable paddle shifters connected to a Technic eight-speed gearbox.

This measures 14cm high, 56cm long and 25cm wide. PHOTO FROM LEGO

Created in a scale of 1:8, the toy car stands 14cm high, 56cm long and 25cm wide once assembled. Each model also carries a unique serial number under the hood that can only be accessed with a special speed key in a tribute to the tool of the same name that owners of the real car use when they want to chase maximum velocity. The key also enables owners of the Lego version to change the rear wing’s position for better aerodynamic performance during high-speed runs in the living room.

The fancy rear wing may be adjusted with a special key. PHOTO FROM LEGO

The duotone-blue Lego comes in a posh display box that also includes a “coffee-table” collector’s booklet containing the building instructions which the lucky owners of this limited-edition kit will undoubtedly need. Going on sale today, the Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron is priced at £329.99 (P23,100). We hope to see it in local toy stores soon.

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