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Mini makes one-off car to celebrate royal wedding

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot on May 19

What better color to symbolize a royal wedding than this? PHOTO FROM MINI

With the comprehensive media coverage the occasion has been getting, there is no way you haven’t heard that Prince Harry of Wales is marrying American Meghan Markle on May 19, and it’s all everyone can talk about these days not only in the UK but also around the world. With this kind of public interest, it’s only natural for various brands—particularly the British ones, obviously—to want to latch on to the royal affair.

One such brand is Mini, which has come up with a one-off automobile to commemorate the regal wedding.

That intricate roof graphic is actually handmade. PHOTOS FROM MINI

In a press statement, Mini design head Oliver Heilmer said: “As an iconic British brand with almost 60 years of history in the UK, we are pleased to mark the royal wedding with this special charitable gift. The Mini Design team has created a one-off Mini Hatch for the occasion. Its specially designed roof graphic combines with 3D-printed personalized interior and exterior details as well as special embroidery to make this a Mini like no other.”

The Union Jack taillights are admittedly a nice touch. PHOTOS FROM MINI

If the term “charitable gift” caught your attention, it simply means that Mini will donate this car to charity right after the wedding. To be specific, this automobile will be auctioned off for the benefit of the Children’s HIV Association. So say what you want about this automaker taking advantage of the grand event to promote its brand, at least something humanitarian will come of it.

So you won't forget that you're driving a schmaltzy car. PHOTOS FROM MINI

Among the special features of the car are the Crystal White paint job, the silver-blue accent strips, the Union Jack taillights, the handmade roof graphic, the ‘M’ and ‘H’ initials for the side turn signals, the “Just Married” light projection, the 3D-printed side scuttles, and the Satellite Gray leather interior.

This happens every time you open the doors. Cheesy. PHOTOS FROM MINI

You’re probably wondering: What straight-thinking person would want to buy this ‘celebrity’ ride? Well, someone looking to cash in by unloading this car many years from now for a huge profit—that’s who. But yeah, who would really want to drive this thing?

Vernon B. Sarne

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