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Our favorite car commercials from Super Bowl LIII

The annual tradition of entertaining auto ads continues

It’s that time of the year again when 22 men in tights are fighting over an egg-shaped object in front of millions of viewers. Welcome to Super Bowl LIII (or 53, for those who hate Roman numerals), where the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots in a battle that will see one of them lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the night. Super Bowl is as much about the sport as it is about all the things surrounding it. And elaborately produced TV ads have become a firm part of the proceedings.

With a 30-second slot during Super Bowl commercial breaks said to cost over $5 million (P262 million), there’s a lot at stake for the companies producing and paying for these ads. Below are the best Super Bowl commercials put out by car manufacturers this year to try and entice sports fans to buy their wares:

Say the Word by Mercedes-Benz. What if the world would listen to your every command? That’s the idea behind Merc’s latest Super Bowl commercial featuring the new A-Class.

The Elevator by Hyundai. Probably the funniest one you’ll see this year, the ad takes a pop at the experience of buying a new car.

Toni by Toyota. Los Angeles football player Antoinette “Toni” Harris is the first woman to receive a college football scholarship offer for a non-kicking position, and hers is the kind of inspirational story that goes down well with American viewers. Toyota knows that and has made good use of it.

Cashew by Audi. Another ad that will make you laugh, featuring the new Audi e-Tron.

More than Just Words by Jeep. If there’s anything Americans like more than football and fast food, it’s patriotism. And this Jeep ad has buckets of it. Featuring a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in a “word-by-word visual score” performed by OneRepublic, it will give you goosebumps even if you’re not from the Land of the Free.

Quarterback Safety System by Lexus. You don’t need to know anything about American football to enjoy this clip by Lexus.

Fourth Quarter by Ram. Seeing the Rams make it to the Super Bowl must have been like hitting the lottery for the marketing team of the truckmaker. The brand has put out a number of ads, with this one being the most stirring of them all.

The Great Unknowns by Kia. Hats off to Kia for this one: Instead of spending loads of cash on a fancy ad or celebrity endorsers, the Korean automaker is promoting its scholarship program that helps young people get a “foothold in higher education.” Salute.

Frank Schuengel

Frank is a German e-commerce executive who loves his wife, a Filipina, so much he decided to base himself in Manila. He has interesting thoughts on Philippine motoring.