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The McLaren GT ride-on is a grand tourer for your kids

It even comes with an infotainment system

If your kid is a McLaren fan, be prepared to be pestered for this. PHOTO FROM MCLAREN

Some of us probably grew up driving (or dreaming of) a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. This miniature car needs to be pushed along by the user’s feet just like how Fred Flintstone does it. But kids these days are spoilt for choice with battery-powered ride-on vehicles that adults would also want to own themselves.

Supercar maker McLaren actually has an extensive lineup of toy cars. And joining the kiddie fleet is a child-friendly version of the GT grand tourer.

The GT is the newest member of McLaren's successful toy-car lineup. PHOTOS FROM MCLAREN

Even with its downsized proportions, the car’s styling remains faithful to the grown-up GT. It even has a usable trunk, LED lights, and working dihedral doors so your little one can enter and alight from this toy vehicle in style.

‘Inside’ this mini McLaren GT, the driver gets usable dashboard controls, an ignition key, functional accelerator and brake pedals, authentic engine sounds, and an infotainment system that can play music from a USB stick or SD card.

Your kid can play 'Baby Shark' on the in-dash stereo. PHOTOS FROM MCLAREN

Of course, this toy McLaren doesn’t have a fire-breathing engine underneath. Powering this car is an electric motor, and its top speed should be safe enough for your child to drive it around the park and be the envy of his or her playmates.

Your kid can even choose from a range of authentic factory paint jobs: Burnished Copper, Silica White, Onyx Black, McLaren Orange, Amaranth Red, and Burton Blue. A perfect Christmas gift, dear parents?

Quite an extensive selection of colors for a toy car. PHOTO FROM MCLAREN

The McLaren GT ride-on will run you from £163 (P11,240) to £234 (P16,140)—depending on the options—and is available now from selected global toy retailers. So, come and treat your kid or yourself to one. We won’t judge.

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