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These watches use carbon fiber from a Gunther Werks Porsche 993

Another car-themed creation by REC Watches

Premium driving watches really go together with classic Porsches. PHOTO FROM REC WATCHES

REC Watches has two new automotive-themed timepieces, drawing inspiration from the gorgeous Porsche 993 restomods by Gunther Werks. If you’re not familiar with the two companies, here’s a little background.

REC Watches is a Denmark-based firm that makes timepieces inspired by cars or aircraft with a story behind them, even to the extent of taking the actual materials from the vehicles and using them on the watch.

On the other hand, Gunther Werks is a California-based shop with one goal: to build the ultimate “money is no object” Porsche 993 restomod. If you’re curious about what it can do, you can check out this article about the 400R.

Gunther Works restores and modifies the Porsche 993. PHOTOS FROM REC WATCHES

Back to the watches. It’s called the 901 GW, and it comes in two variants: the Chelsea and the Exoskeleton. They’re practically the same watch, just with different colorways to match the paint jobs of certain Gunther Werks vehicles. The former features a black-and-red color scheme, while the latter features a black-and-blue motif with orange accents.

The dial is modeled after the 993's gauges. PHOTOS FROM REC WATCHES

The 901 GW comes with a 44mm stainless-steel case that’s divided into six separate pieces. The outermost layer is shaped to resemble the headlight housing, while the midsection of the case features the accented crown and two pushers for the chronograph functions. You’ll also see the recycled carbon-fiber inserts here, which are made out of the same carbon fiber used in the construction of the two cars. Lastly, the stainless-steel caseback is engraved to match the engine cross brace and vented engine cover.

You can also see the same engine-cross-brace theme continue to the 993-inspired dial, which features a tachymeter and the three subdials, all inscribed with a very Porsche-looking font. The dial also lets you take a peek at the Sellita SW510 B chronograph movement with a rather long 62-hour power reserve, which makes sense if you’ll bring it alongside your own Gunther Werks 993 to a track day.

The carbon fiber in this watch is the same one Gunther Werks uses. PHOTOS FROM REC WATCHES

This all sits under a sapphire crystal with three layers of anti-reflective coating to make sure you can easily read and admire your dial even under harsh sunlight. Finally, there’s a quick-release black leather strap with an Alcantara inlay that resembles the seats of the car.

Each watch is limited to 188 examples and will start shipping out this November. Thankfully, REC will let you pick the serial number you want, but the first and last dozen are (understandably) taken.

There’s a preorder promo that runs until the November 1 that slashes 15% off the regular SRP of P127,196. This includes taxes and shipping, and it’s a good alternative if you can’t afford a Gunther Werks 993.

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