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We really want the Mazda Kodo Sneaker

So our feet can feel the jinba ittai spirit as well

The Kodo Sneaker is a perfect match to your Kodo car. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

We’ve said that proper driving shoes can make a difference not only on the track, but also regular driving. You can buy shoes from companies like Sparco, Puma and Porsche Design, to name a few. But for the fans of Mazda’s sleek Kodo design philosophy who want to see it translated into footwear, there is a limited-edition shoe resulting from a collaboration with Mizuno.

The shoe is mostly made out of synthetic materials. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

It’s simply called the Kodo Sneaker. It is made from gray nubuck synthetic leather and black cowhide with synthetic fibers. The shoe’s rounded sole allows for precise pedal inputs, and the outsole has a three-dimensional shape that apparently resembles a race car, but should also provide optimal grip. Finally, the Kodo Sneaker has a mesh structure that prevents deformation of the shoe but can support the driver’s legs and feet to prevent the onset of cramps.

Most driving shoes aren’t exactly the best for walking, but the two companies made sure that you can flaunt and strut these kicks outside of your car as well. It uses Mizuno’s Center of Balance tech to offer a good midsole feel when walking, a quality other driving shoes often fall short of.

You can walk long distances with the Kodo Sneaker. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

Unfortunately, when the Kodo Sneaker was released in Japan, all 1,350 pairs were sold out within days. The lucky bunch who managed to reserve one for themselves will see their shoes arriving in the spring of 2022. We just hope that there will be a second production run so we can get our hands on a pair.

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