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We want to give this Peugeot Micro e-Kick scooter away

To a deserving person who needs to move around right now

Our unused electric kick scooter needs an owner. PHOTO BY VERNON B. SARNE

We’re a mobility website, so it’s seriously painful for us to see many of our countrymen not being able to move about during the enhanced community quarantine. We’re referring, of course, to people who still need to go to work—healthcare workers and employees of drugstores, supermarkets and banks—but have no convenient way of doing so as public transportation has been shut down for now.

What to do?

As much as we’d like to offer rides to these folks, the seemingly noble act would be utterly reckless and irresponsible. The truth is, we’re just as helpless as the next soul. We’re also stuck inside a building, and we choose to fully cooperate with the government’s call to stay off the road.

But hey…we realize we have this Peugeot Micro e-Kick scooter just lying around in our office. It’s completely unused. The only time we took it out of its packaging was when we did an unboxing video. Our columnist Botchi Santos (God bless him) won this in a raffle at a media thanksgiving party hosted by Peugeot Philippines. He brought it to our humble HQ last year and told us to put it to good use. For one reason or another, we never got around to using it. Now we know why.

May this handy mobility gadget go to a kindhearted soul who will use it to serve others. PHOTO BY VERNON B. SARNE

Turns out we’re giving this away to someone who truly deserves it. You read that right: We want to present this thing as a gift to a person who needs to go around during this quarantine period but has no means to do so. If you know somebody who fits the bill—it could be yourself—just leave a short comment on our Facebook post explaining why you or your candidate must have this.

We’ll then pick the best entries by noon tomorrow (March 18) and ask their authors to e-mail us proof of their stories (like an identification card if the potential recipient is a nurse, for example). The chosen one will be asked to pick up the electric kick scooter from our office in Kapitolyo (near Capitol Commons) in Pasig City. We’ll likely pick a winner who doesn’t live too far away so it’s easy for him or her to get the item.

Here’s what the EKS actually looks like:

Meet the Peugeot Micro e-Kick scooter. PHOTO FROM PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB

This Micro e-Kick scooter was introduced by Peugeot in 2016 to complement the 3008 compact crossover SUV. It was created by Peugeot Design Lab in collaboration with a Swiss scooter company called Micro. Weighing just 8.5kg, the portable EKS has a top speed of 25km/h and can run a total of 12km on a single charge (recharging is said to take just 60 minutes). We know the range isn’t much—and this personal transporter is really meant for the so-called “last mile” of one’s journey—but it should be enough for those who live not too distant from their workplace. Our office, for one, is just 9km away from Makati Medical Center.

Small enough to be hauled onto a bus. PHOTOS FROM PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB

Needless to say, we would like to prioritize those who really need this. And we mean those whose job is to provide care for the sick. So we kindly ask you to refrain from joining if you will merely use this mobility gadget as a recreational toy—or if you will just sell it.

This kick scooter is sure to turn heads. PHOTO FROM PEUGEOT DESIGN LAB

So…game? Go to our Facebook post and nominate a most deserving recipient for this electric kick scooter. Let’s do it.

UPDATE: The person we chose to receive this e-scooter, Dr. Mia Gomez of East Avenue Medical Center, has picked up the item from our office. She works at the hospitals Department of Pathology and Laboratories, “collecting nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs for COVID-19 RT-PCR testing.” Check out her photo.

Vernon B. Sarne

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