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Former Dyson chief will be new Volvo CEO

Will the automaker’s products soon have built-in vacuum cleaners?

Let's see how Volvo innovates with former Dyson CEO Jim Rowan at the helm. PHOTO FROM VOLVO

Volvo’s contributions to automotive engineering are some of the things a lot of us take for granted these days. One of the Swedish company’s inventions is the three-point seatbelt. But the automaker’s pioneering spirit might have a refreshing new direction on March 21, 2022 when Jim Rowan becomes its new president and CEO.

Rowan is currently the CEO of Ember Technologies, a kitchenware specialist. But if that company doesn’t ring a bell, then his previous employer might. Rowan is the former chief executive of Dyson, that famous manufacturer of super cool and super expensive home appliances. Crucially, the stillborn Dyson electric car was developed under his watch, so he does know a bit about how to build vehicles.

Rowan will succeed Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo’s CEO since October 2012. The latter will still be part of the Geely Group as the chairperson of Polestar. As for Rowan, we can expect that his leadership will bring forth more innovative designs and technologies for Volvo and its sister firms.

Miggi Solidum

Miggi is an editor-at-large at VISOR. Professionally speaking, he is a software engineering dude who happens to like cars a lot. And as an automotive enthusiast, he wants a platform from which he can share his motoring thoughts with fellow petrolheads. He writes the 'G-Force' column.