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Believe it or not, Lamborghini has produced 15,000 Urus units

Despite the pandemic-induced global economic downturn

A lucky buyer in the UK will receive the 15,000th Urus built. PHOTO FROM LAMBORGHINI

From once being a perennial sick patient in the Italian auto industry, Lamborghini has grown from strength to strength since joining the Volkswagen Group. With a dose of German engineering, the Raging Bull has transformed from a one-model brand to a solid three-model effort with the Aventador, the Huracán and the Urus, along with a number of limited-edition models like the Centenario, the Veneno and the Sián. The company has even found the time and the resources to run motorsport campaigns with race-prepped Huracáns—competing against the likes of the Porsche 911, the Aston Martin Vantage, the Mercedes-AMG GTR, the Ferrari 488 and the Audi R8.

The Urus has allowed Lamborghini to reach production milestones. PHOTOS FROM LAMBORGHINI

Despite being in the midst of the global pandemic and the ensuing economic slowdown, Lamborghini’s sales have been impressive to say the least. The automaker sold 8,205 units in 2019—its best-ever sales figure. Last year, Lamborghini surprisingly delivered 7,430 vehicles despite temporarily halting production due to COVID-related restrictions. Its assembly lines and facilities were even repurposed to produce medical equipment and supplies as Italy was one of the hardest hit by the virus. This year, Lamborghini is proud to announce that it has dispatched 4,852 cars just from January to June. Indeed, 2021 looks to be another banner season for the Sant’Agata Bolognese-based firm.

Aside from the impressive sales numbers, Lamborghini has another reason to celebrate. It has recently completed the 15,000th Urus. This super SUV is significant for Lamborghini because it is now the brand’s best-selling model. From its first full year of manufacture in 2019, the Urus has effectively doubled the company’s production output. It also holds the distinction of being the fastest Lamborghini product to hit the 15,000-unit milestone.

Performance SUVs seem to be the way forward if the Urus's success is anything to go by. PHOTO FROM LAMBORGHINI

The 15,000th Urus unit is destined for the UK and wears a “Grigio Keres Matt” exterior with “Verde Scandal” accents. The two-tone interior showcases the latest “Nero Ade” and “Verde Scandal” combination theme, giving this particular vehicle a rich, stylish, sophisticated and edgy vibe.

The Urus is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 producing 650hp and 850Nm, which drives all four wheels via a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. It can sprint to 100km/h from rest in 3.6 seconds and go all the way to a top speed of 305km/h, firmly putting it in supercar territory.

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