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Bosch develops clever charging cable for electric vehicles

It eliminates the need for a bulky wall box

This special cable should make EV ownership more enticing. PHOTO FROM BOSCH

While electric vehicles certainly have benefits over gas- and diesel-powered cars, living with them poses unique challenges. Aside from range anxiety, there is also the rather significant matter of charging. Yes, you can charge your car at home, but it’s not as simple as plugging in your mobile phone. Most EVs require a special wall-mount box where all the magic happens.

Bosch thinks it can do away with the wall box. Instead, it is developing a type of compact charging system that can be neatly stored inside your car. The gadget contains all of the necessary electronics and protection devices that a traditional charger would have. The vehicle end of the cable has parts that control the power output. The plug houses components that monitor the temperature and the residual current.

EVs can finally be topped up at places without a wall box. PHOTOS FROM BOSCH

Obviously, the huge benefit of Bosch’s special cable is that there is no need for a traditional wall box, which often requires an isolated circuit and a specialist to install it. The device can provide up to 2.3kW of charging power—not exactly fast but enough for owners who leave their cars plugged in overnight. It’s also portable so you can technically charge your EV anywhere.

From what we understand, the gadget is still in its testing phase. Bosch plans to make it available to the public in the middle of 2022. Hopefully, by then, the company will have been able to figure out how to eke a little more power out of the device.

Miggi Solidum

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