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Buying a Suzuki car gives you fuel discounts at Caltex

This promo runs until November 2022

You have until November of next year to get the discount card. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

If you’re looking to buy yourself a Suzuki vehicle any time soon, you’ll be glad to know that the recent partnership between the automaker and Caltex starting this month will also help you save a lot in fuel.

Customers purchasing any Suzuki until November 10, 2022 are eligible for a Caltex SavePlus card. This card grants the holder significant savings when gassing up. There is a P2 per liter discount on Silver and Platinum fuels, while diesel buyers get P1 per liter off.

Considering how rising oil prices and pre-pandemic levels of traffic are combining these days, this enticing deal is a welcome cherry on top for Suzuki customers.

Sam Surla

Sam is the youngest member of our editorial team. He specializes in photography and videography, but he also happens to like writing about cars a lot.