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Chevrolet’s new crate engine has over 1,000hp

No turbos. No superchargers. Just pure V8 muscle

This thing will give you a whopping 1,004hp on regular pump gas. PHOTO FROM CHEVROLET

Even with the widespread use of turbocharged or supercharged small engines, it seems like there is still no replacement for displacement in the world of Chevrolet. Continuing its tradition of performance crate motors, the automaker has just unveiled a monster of a V8 that will surely silence anyone proudly showing off their LS-swapped rides.

It’s called the ZZ632/1000. The “632” stands for the engine’s size in cubic inches, which is equal to 10.4L. The “1000” is the output that this V8 produces at the crank: 1,004hp. This is possible due to a ZZ572-based block with machined castings to accommodate a larger bore and stroke, hence the bigger displacement. In addition, each of the eight injectors delivers fuel through similarly sized intake ports in the aluminum cylinder head.

What is astounding with the ZZ632/1000 is that despite the increase in bore and stroke, it can still rev to 7,000rpm. Also, unlike most high-performance engines, all 1,004hp and 1,188Nm can be had using regular pump gas. And while Mopar fans can boast that the supercharged Hellephant produces similar power figures, Chevy’s latest crate motor is naturally aspirated.

Chevrolet hasn’t revealed the price of the ZZ632/1000. But if you want to see one up close, simply head to the SEMA Show happening on November 2-5 at Las Vegas. The engine isn’t street-legal, though, so think twice before throwing away your LS.

Miggi Solidum

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