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Construction firm picks Volkswagen Santana as fleet vehicle

Because company boss used to drive a Golf

Scheirman Construction chose the Santana for its durability and cost efficiency. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The Volkswagen Santana is still striving to convince buyers that it offers German quality at a reasonable price point. Its distributor is working hard to change the public’s perception about the brand’s China-sourced product line. But there is a glimmer of hope for the subcompact sedan as a construction firm has picked the model as its fleet vehicle.

The employees of Scheirman Construction will be driving around in Santanas for site visits and other business trips. According to company boss William Russell Scheirman Jr., his decision to acquire the car was inspired by his exposure to the brand. The executive used to drive a Golf in his native Germany, and has declared that only a Volkswagen car would be appropriate for his personnel.

This will hopefully convince more buyers to consider Volkswagen's subcompact sedan. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Aside from the Santana’s purchase price, Scheirman is aware that Volkswagen’s production facilities around the world adhere to the same standards for quality. He is confident that no matter where these vehicles are manufactured, every VW unit will have the reliability and the durability that customers across the globe have come to expect from the automaker’s products.

Miggi Solidum

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