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Honda PH can help you sell your old vehicle

Provided it has been maintained by any of its service centers

Have you been thinking about letting go of your Honda vehicle? PHOTO FROM HONDA

Pre-owned vehicles can be a hit or miss for both buyers and sellers. For the former, even having your trusted mechanic tag along don’t always end up well as some unscrupulous traders intentionally mislead their customers. For sellers, their cars may lose significant value just because it’s harder for them to prove their worth.

This is where Honda Cars PhilippinesVehicle Certification Program can help. Basically, Honda owners who have complied with the automaker’s recommended maintenance schedules are eligible for a certificate.

There are two categories:

  • Within warranty
    • Vehicle must complete six required service visits from the purchase date
  • Out of warranty
    • Vehicle must complete four consecutive service visits from the warranty expiration date

Certificates are valid for six months from the last PMS visit, and customers can request for new ones as long as they comply with the conditions mentioned above.

This can help owners who have plans of selling their Honda vehicles. The same goes for those looking to acquire a pre-owned car, with the certificate giving buyers assurance that the vehicle has been properly cared for.

To know more about the Vehicle Certification program, you can visit Honda’s website or any of its 37 dealerships across the country.

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