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Interested in buying a Lexus this August?

There are special financing deals on the NX and the LS

The NX is a smooth and silent highway cruiser. PHOTO FROM LEXUS

If you’ve been eyeing certain Lexus models for quite a while now, you’ll be glad to know that you can get them this month (August, of course) through special financing packages with 30% and 50% down payments, and 0% interest for up to 36 months. The automaker will even throw in a two-year periodic maintenance plan for free.

The LS500h (P9,458,000) shows off the best of the brand with its striking exterior design. It has several intricate details found inside and not seen in other flagship sedans (like kiriko glass trim and a 24-speaker Mark Levinson sound system). It’s equipped with Lexus’s Multistage Hybrid System, pairing a 3.5-liter V6 engine with two electric motors to produce a total output of 354hp—enough power for the car to effortlessly cruise down the highway while sipping fuel within the city.

For those looking for a crossover, the NX300 (P3,218,000) should serve you quite well. The comfortable NX will adapt to any condition you put it through, whether it’s spirited driving in the mountains or puttering about in the megalopolis.

Buyers wanting something sporty should consider the NX300 F Sport (P3,718,000). It has extras like F Sport seats with increased bolstering to keep you in place during cornering, and a g-force meter inspired by the Lexus LFA.

Also, the Lexus Manila showroom and service center will be closed on August 6 to 20 due to the ongoing ECQ. The Lexus Roadside Assistance and Lexus Customer Assistance services will still be available for owners who might find themselves in a bit of a pickle.

Sam Surla

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