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Shell to convert UK gas station into EV charging hub

The first of its kind by the company

This UK gas station will soon be the go-to spot for EVs. IMAGE FROM SHELL

If it isn’t obvious already, sales of electric vehicles are steadily increasing around the world. In the UK, there are around 317,000 EVs on the road (from 9,000 in the early 2010s). To accommodate all of these vehicles, the infrastructure has to adapt to the times as well.

Shell currently has a network of around 8,000 public charging points across the country, which includes the Shell Recharge fast-charging points. And now, we’re going to see the very first EV hub from the oil company rise sometime this year.

It will be located in Fulham in central London. One of Shell’s existing gas stations will be converted into the EV charging hub with 10 175kW ultra-fast chargers in place of several fuel pumps. It’s said that these charging points are three times faster than 50kW chargers, which can top up batteries to 80% in 30 minutes.

Some Shell stations in the UK already have charging points. PHOTO FROM SHELL

Of course, charging an EV won’t be as fast as filling up a car with fuel, so owners will have to do something while they wait. Aside from the fast chargers, the hub will have a comfortable lounge with a coffee shop and a small grocery store so customers can use their time effectively.

This hub will also be sustainably powered as there will be solar panels to allow the chargers to run on 100% certified renewable electricity. In addition, the canopy will be constructed out of timber sheets glued together instead of steel.

For countries like ours, this concept seems viable. This solves numerous problems such as finding places to put up charging stations especially in crowded cities where space does not exist. We think this will help ease the transition into EV use.

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