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Some Ayala malls now have EV shuttles and charging points

It looks like the EV movement is being led by the private sector

Ayala Malls Circuit is now served by Comet electric shuttles. PHOTO FROM AC MOTORS

We’re starting to see movement for EV infrastructure here in the Philippines. After initiatives by Nissan and Meralco, Ayala Corporation is now going at it with the launching of electric transport services and the installation of EV chargers.

EV shuttle services were launched at Ayala Malls The 30th and Ayala Malls Circuit last December. This is a collaboration between Ayala Land Inc., GET Philippines Inc, TGOOD LINCHR, Integrated Micro-Electronics (an Ayala subsidiary), and GREENSTRuM.

GET Philippines provides the electric vehicles called Comets. These have been operating in parts of Davao and Manila, accommodating more than 200,000 passengers. The firm intends to deploy more chargers nationwide as the Comet network expands, and to do so, it is working with IMI.

These chargers are from IMI partner TGOOD LINCHR, said to be the world’s largest EV charging infrastructure provider. IMI China builds and assembles the power supplies, while GREENSTRuM is in charge of local distribution, maintenance and support.

While these may look like baby steps, they are nonetheless in the right direction toward the Philippines’ carbon-neutral future.

Sam Surla

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