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This Volkswagen Golf GTI looks good on classic BBS wheels

Enthusiast build is inspired by the MkII GTI

New cars do look good on classic wheels. PHOTO FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Certain designs of aftermarket wheels look so good that they just match any car that uses them. One example is the iconic and ubiquitous Volk Racing TE37. In Philadelphia, a Volkswagen enthusiast thought that it would be worth the effort fitting classic-style BBS wheels on a rather modern hot hatch.

Inspired by a MkII GTI build, the MkVIII vehicle you see here rolls on 19-inch BBS Super RS rims. A modernized version of the classic RS, the Super RS features a signature hex-bolt center cap and a “waffle” pattern, and is quite popular with modern European vehicles and luxury project cars.

The front suspension has modified parts so that the camber can be dialed in. PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

Aside from the new shoes, this GTI gets a mild drop courtesy of H&R coil-overs with some custom suspension geometry up front to get the camber just right. The powertrain is left stock except for a Borla exhaust system, which gives the 2.0-liter turbo engine a throatier roar. The retro theme is topped off with red-and-black stripes running along the car’s length.

What other retro-style wheel looks good on late-model vehicles? PHOTOS FROM VOLKSWAGEN

The good thing about the MkVIII Golf is that it sports a design that isn’t too far from older Golf generations like the MkV, making it a good match for classic-style wheels like the Super RS. If you’re considering getting BBS rims on your car, check out the brand’s official local distributor here.

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