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DOTr is asking Google to include bike lanes in map app

To help cyclists find their way around more easily

Even though bike lanes are few and far between, DOTr wants Google Maps to include them. PHOTO BY HANS BOSSHARD

If you’re a cyclist who needs to go far or head to places you’re not familiar with, you’ve likely opened up Google Maps at least once to plot your route. While it does tell you how to get to your destination, it only has a motorcycle mode, which is the closest equivalent to a bicycle in the app.

So, while our network of bike lanes spans 313.12km in Metro Manila, 129.47km in Metro Cebu, and 54.74km in Metro Davao, the problem is that they aren’t included in Google Maps.

Currently, Google Maps has a motorcycle mode. SCREENSHOT FROM GOOGLE MAPS

The Department of Transportation wants to make cycling a bit safer by requesting the tech giant to include bike lanes in its online maps. At the moment, the department is waiting for the approval of its request, but it feels confident that it will come soon.

But even though this will be a step in the right direction, cyclists will still have to contend with the sub-par implementation of some bike lanes. A good number of them are ill-maintained, have no barricades, or are simply constructed as an afterthought.

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